Time spent with cats is never wasted.” - Sigmund Freud

Welcome! RGABengals is a small in home cattery located in the "Mitten" state, Michigan.  We are a family of 5; we have 3 children, Riley, Gavin and Ava (RGA). RGABengals was established in 2017.  I (mom) have never been able to own a cat because of the severity of my allergies and asthma. I was told the bengal was a hypoallergenic cat, which I didn't even know existed!  The bengal cat interested us not only because of their beauty or known to be hypoallergenic but also because of their unique personality.  Owning these beautiful felines ignited goals within myself and cattery that I never knew existed.  We took the breeding to the next level and committed ourselves to improving our lineage through specific structure and genetic testing.

Bengals are known to possess  a lot of energy.  Bengals are also known to be very vocal and affectionate.  All of our cats and most kittens have shown these traits. 

RGABengals is a dual registered cattery through TICA and CFA.  We have  been able to produce cats to families that cannot own animals because of the severity of their allergies. Our goal is to provide a friendly, family companion, while not only having a great temperament but also equally beautiful, happy and healthy!  We strive to breed Bengals that resemble their ancestor, the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC), in most colors with acceptional temperament.  If you are interested in adding a bengal to your family, we highly recommend you do your research before making a commitment.  Owning a Bengal could be a commitment anywhere from 15-20 years.

​Currently we can produce a few different colors of bengals.  Mostly we produce Brown/black tabby.  But we are also capable of achieving silver and snows (lynx and mink), and blues. 

Why choose RGA?

We spend A LOT of time with our cats from the second they are born to the minute they leave to you.  This is super important for socialization purposes and well, we just ADORE our kittens.  

Our kittens are raised with hundreds of different stimuli from messing with toe beans to car rides our kittens recieve a variety of different socialization tactics to prepare them for the world the may encounter outside of our home. 

We health and genetic test all our breeders to ensure you are receiving a healthy cat/kitten.  We health test for PRA-b, PKDef and HCM screen annually. 

Our cats come with a 3 year conginital health guarantee. We are also one if the few catteries that will replace a kitten if kitten is found to have FIP in the first 1 yearof life. 

We show our Bengals in the CFA and TICA rings.  They are judged by their standards and have recieved titles and awards!

All cats and kittens are raised in home, underfoot.  Our breeders are raised as pets FIRST.

Our cats and kittens see a vet on a regular basis.  

We offer continuous advice and communication even after the kitten has left our possession.

Our kittens are raised around children of various ages as well as dogs and other cats.

We are an open cattery.  We allow visitors to visit kittens as long as an appointment is made. We love for you to see for yourself the health and socialization of our cats.  Videos work, too!

We send multiple weekly updates.  We take professional pictures of kittens weekly to see the progress kittens are making, we also send video clips in between.

We travel to drop off kittens within a reasonable distance.

If you are unable to care for the kitten/cat at any point in time for whatever reason, we take our cats back.  Our cats will never see a shelter or rescue.  To ensure this we put ourselves on the microchips as secondary. Our cats and kittens will ALWAYS have a home with us.

We are transparent breeders.  We are honest, dependable and reputable. 

RGABengals is rated a 5 star cattery.  We earned our positive reputation because we go above and beyond for our cats and our buyers.  We provide truly exceptional services by providing well socialized, healthy, happy kittens to their forever homes all around the USA.  Purchasing a bengal for your family should be a pleasant and smooth experience.  We look foward to helping you on your Bengal Journey.


We Are RGABengals!