Dam: MittenBengals Reign of RGABengals Sire: GoldhillBengals Roan of RGABengals

Born: 4/30/2022

1 Brown spotted male; 2 brown spotted females; 1 female spotted lynx (not available)

Downpayment $500 ($200 on waitlist; $300 at kitten picking)

due at pick up: $1500

Due to leave: 7-28-22 

Dam: BengalKitCats Willow of RGABENGALS

Sire: GoldhillBengals Roan of RGABengals 

Born: 5-18-22 

2 (f) Brown/black spotted tabby (one available); 1 Blue female; 1 snow male (not available)

Due to leave: 8/18/22