"My experience with RGA Bengals (Millie) was great. I was able to meet with kitten and visit kitten as long as they were available for visit. Millie answered all questions and is a very pleasant person to deal with. This is my 2nd Bengal, how social he is makes for an easier adjustment into new home. The attention to detail and genetics testing that is done gives peace of mind to purchase a kitten. The attention given to each individual kitten makes for super personalities.  I would recommend RGA Bengals for all of your Bengal kitten needs."

-Patty Hendrie-Potts



"I just love HIM to pieces...Thank you for being the breeder you are..Great kittens/Cats come from youir cattery.  Well socialized etc..."

-Patty Hendrie-Potts



Cannot say enough about how incredible RGABengals is! Customer service is above and beyond and our Luna is THE GREATEST! Socialized, gorgeous, and loving! We couldn't ask for more!!!

-Nicole Joy



"We are so happy with our decision to go with RGABengals for our fur baby. I appreciate how socialized he was as a kitten, making the transition to our home super easy. I would highly recommend this breeder if you are looking for a Bengal buddy."

-Darcy Ford



"I found my Bengal, Luna,through a facebook search. This breeder I got Luna from was very professional and explained everything to me in detail. Luna is a healthy cat who has an abundance of energy. Thank you again! She send pics and updates throughout the whole process and easy to communicate with! Have already recommended to friends!"

-Steve Garlick



"Had a great experience getting our first Bengal here.  Afer we got him, anytime I had concerns, questions, needed help, anything...she was extremely responsive and helpful.  Highly recommend."

-Shannon Binnig



You can't find a more caring breeder. Very easy to commujnicate with and absolutely beautiful bengals."

-Kym Opper



"Got my boy Axel and he is just gorgeous! Definitely recommend RGA!"

-Marianne Toohey



We adopted our silver bengal, Mercury, from RGA and he is the sweetest boy with the most amazingly large clear rosettes and beautiful silver glitter.  He is a very big boy...but that's not a bad thing! Seller met us halfway which we were grateful for since it was a long drive!  Great price and promptly answered all my questions before, during and after adooption and continues to stay in contact!  Would purchase from again :)"

-Becky Calderhead



"We got our beautiful Jinxx from RGABengals.  They are wonderful to work with and we love our girl so much!"

_Jolyce Yount Isenhour



"Aside fro my Bengal being perfect!! The breeder was so helpful, answered all my questions, shared pictues of the babies regularly prior to us picking her up!"

-Katie Berger



"So happy to have found the most perfect, healthy, cuddly, friendly kitty baby thanks to RGABengals. Bevi was able to easily adjust to his new home.  He loves to play and is highly alert of everything going on, Thank you for raising the kittens with care."

-Tatiana Diaz



Loved Chatting with Millie and getting to know her! We love our girl so, so much! Love sending her pics so that she can keep up with how she is doing!"

-Allison Louise Petrucci



I have 2 of the most beautiful, delightful and clever Bengal kittens home with me and I am falling in love without a doubt! I have the male kitten, named "Mannie" and the brown female named "Ming". They are very different in personality but also very attatched to each other at this stage.  Millie is Amazing.  She is immediately responsive to my messages and keeps updates posted, which i really enjoyed!  Her queen "Lola" is gorgeous and so sweet, relaxed for a bengal.  I highly recommend considering RGABengals for bringing a bengal kitten home.

-Susan H Johnson