Due to our high volume requests, we no long have an unpaid waiting list.  To get on our waitlist we require a $100 deposit.  This gives you primary access to kitten picking and locks in our current kitten prices.  Kitten picking goes in order deposits are received.  You do not have to commit to the first litter or kitten available to you. You can always pass, the $100 will still hold your spot.

When you are ready to commit to your kitten, a $100 downpayment will be due to reserve.  The total downpayment of $200 will be applied to the full price of the kitten.  Please remember we are always trying to better our lines.  Breeder supersedes waitlist when needed.  I try my best to let people know when I will be keeping a kitten back!

Our waitlist is as followed (color and gender preferences):

1. TM/Pet/Brown Black/no gender preference (Sunday x Moonshine)

2. KS/Pet/Silver/Male (Feline x Moonshine)

3. BH/Pet/Brown black/no gender preference (Sunday x Moonshine)

4. SB/Pet/Silver/no gender preference. (Feline x Moonshine)

5. DF/Pet/Silver/Female (Feline x Moonshine)

6. TD/Pet/Brown/No gender preference (Sunday x Moonshine)


To be put on our waitlist please fill out our kitten application and submit payment.  Please allow us 24-48 hours for us to update the list.

We take payments through PayPal (friends/family only), venmo (friends/family only) zelle, cashapp 

**by not paying friends/family will automatically result in $10 fee min. Charge will be added to final price**