SBT DoubleDBengals Calypso

Dam: ThunderCatBngl Pretty Lady                  Sire: Clarkstone Diesel of OzarkBengalCat.        Born 1/15/2019 Brown/Black Spotted Tabby                           PRA-b N/N, PKDef N/k, HCM Normal

SBT BengalKitCats Willow of RGABengals

Dam: VallyCats Savannah Sire: Vegas ChernyStory/WC        Born 2/2/2021    Siamese Colorpoint (snow)/Carrier for Dilute (blue)          PRA-B N/N PKDef N/N, HCM: Normal

Vengalicat Feline Dion of RGABengals aka "Peeps"

Dam: PoshBengals Gemma of VengaliCat      Sire: Bengallegacy Zorro of Vengalicat                      Born: 1/2/22    Black Silver Spotted Bengal                    PRA-B N/N PKDef N/N    HCM: Pending