When raising hybrid animals, it is extremely important to socialize them, and know how to socialize them. 

In our home, socialization starts the day kittens are born.  I mess with kittens on a daily basis to make sure they are gaining weight, eating and using the bathroom.  I also offer momma break times as I snuggle kittens for as long as she let's me.  Momma does most of the work for the first few weeks and we respect that.  These first few weeks are hers. ❤️

Our kittens are birthed in a safe, quiet, warm spot.  It is easily accessible to me but safe from all other animals and small children.  They are raised in this area until about 6 weeks old where they will spend time with mainly adults and momma cat.  During this time they will learn to use the litter box and will start weening from momma. Once about 6 weeks old they will meet the vet for the first time and they are ready to  venture out into the rest of the house.  During this time we keep the house tedious at all times to be sure our kittens do not ingest anything they are not supposed to.  Once they venture out into the rest of the house they are then exposed daily stimulation, the children A LOT more, carried around (A LOT) and introduced to the dogs and other cats.  Once we feel kittens are old enough we will take them on short car rides to pick the kids up from school or someplace where we feel is a safe environment for the kittens. We deworm with panacur at 5 weeks of age and then again at 8 weeks of age.  We start the FVRCP vaccine at 8 weeks old, they will recieve their 2nd booster at 12 weeks of age.  Kittens are dewormed with pyrantel at 8 and 12 weeks of age.  Kittens will be spayed/neutered anywhere from 9-12 weeks of age.  Kittens are resilient and bounce back to themselves in no time post surgery. Kittens will then see the vet again to recieve the rabies vaccine at 12 weeks old and recieve a health certificate.

The only time our kittens are in a cage is when they are being transported to and from places.