SBT GoldhillBengals Roan of RGABengals

Dam: WMBengals Reeses Pieces

Sire: WMBengals Ace of GoldhillBengals

Born: 2/22/2018

Dilute/Carrier for Siamese Colorpoint (snow)

N/PRA, PkDef N/N , HCM Normal

SBT GRCDoubleDBengals Presley

Dam: LunaKatz of DoubleDBengals

Sire: Ch ExotiqueBengals DD Heartbreaker

Born: 12/15/2020

Brown/Black Spotted Tabby/Carrier for Burmese Colorpoint (sepia)

PRA-b N/N, PkDef N/N, HCM Normal